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Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

South Korean Cinema is slowly finding its place in the world today, and with global exposure you can imagine every actor wants to look better for the world stage, and thanks to plastic surgery it’s more than just possible today. Lee Min Ho is one Korean born actor who has recently come under the limelight for having a modified face? So does that mean he is the latest follower of the cult called Plastic Surgery? Or is this young actor just growing into his own skin.

Lee Min Ho

The Growing Influence of Plastic Surgery
it’s pretty obvious that today plastic surgery has its reach in even the most remote places on earth, and considering South Korea is one of the biggest cities and technological breeding ground you can image that plastic surgery is pretty dominant. So why is the stigma still prevalent?

Lee Min Ho is a beloved celebrity in South Korea but his recent change has got many tabloids and newspapers buzzing about his alleged plastic surgery, is it important? No at least not to us because his skills in acting and singing remain as good as ever and the plus point is that he really does look a lot better.

Before Vs. After
So it’s pretty obvious that we believe Lee Min ho has had plastic surgery because he looked a little different when he debuted back in 2009 with TV shows like “Boys Over Flowers” and “Personal Taste” today the difference is pretty obvious and we feel like.

How Lee Min Ho looks after the surgery

Lee as probably had a couple of major surgeries like a lip job, Chin Reduction and liposuction but these are the most prominent surgeries we could see.

Eyelid surgery: Lee’s surgery on his eyelids has made him look a lot more energetic and widened his eyes which has given his face a whole new feature. The look is certainly great and is well received and one of the best procedures we seen because it looks so natural.

Nose Job: look closely at his nose and you will see the difference, it’s not only sculpted better now but it’s also a lot narrower and pleasing to the eyes considering he has such a big nose before.

The New Hairdo: While his is technically not plastic surgery his adaptation of a western hairstyle has made him more popular, it has help his show off his forehead which is really one of his best features and has also emphasized the shape of his face.

The Break Away Hit
Plastic surgery was probably the best thing that could happen to this young actor, after the procedure his acceptance level among his fans blew up and his tall, cool and serious personality put him on the fastest rocket to success.

Lee has had an incredible surgeon to complete the work on his face and the results are staggering, we not only have a more handsome version of lee but a more confident one too.

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