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Lil Kim before and after Plastic Surgery

Lil Kim is the famous and well known rapper of Hollywood who has always backed the attention of men toward her with her shiny dark shining that seems to attract other. She is the lady with beautiful skin that makes other get amazed at her because her beauty and skin glow and smoothness match the insight of a sexy 20 year girl.


 Beautiful Lil Kim Surgery factsBiography


Date Of Birth : July 11, 1974

Age : 39

Height : 4.11 feet or 1.50 m

Body Measurement : 36-27-36

Boyfriend : The current boyfriend name of Lil Kim is Mr Papers.


How Far Gossip Of Atheistic Surgery Is True In Her Case?

The rapper looked extremely younger and beautiful that she never used to look in her past days.  To live up to the mark of her fans expectation, she may be would have undergone secret knife to leave behind the sign of ageing and fly more higher in the career. But, it would be considered just a mere story of another celebrity plastic surgery if it is always denied by her. As per the doctor’s review, it has been reported that the truth is on your table by comparing the image of present and past that makes her look more beautiful with a smoother skin similar to a teen even after having an age of 38 years.


Comparative Report on Present and Past:

Lil rumor of plastic surgery as gained more of the publicity than her released music video. Similar to other Hollywood actress, Kim also may have tired her hand in knifing and that also a very good hand. Generally it has been observed that most of the celebrity prefers surgery to get back that beautiful skin and remove the sign of ageing. However, the question of her plastic surgery is still a marked question that is searching for a better result from Kim itself with the confirmation of YES!


  • Botox Injection- This surgery is considered to great efforts of doctor to change the time clock of ageing in a reverse order. As per the public view, Botox treatment had made her get rid of any wrinkle or frown lines from her face that are very common amongst the people for this age. but, public appear to be astonished with her bright and youthful that makes other surprised of her shiny and fresh beauty.


  • Rhinoplasty-Surgery seems to have come up with a new lease in her life that makes other get astonished at her. This is another major surgery conducted on her face to render are a smaller nostril that sharper look. With the help of surgery, her balloon like nose has been transformed into a better nose job to enjoy the beauty of a sharper and thinner nose.


  • Eyelid Surgery- With the study of her comparative analysis, we can come to the conclusion that she may even had under gone an eyelid modification as the natural look has been replaced with the artificial meter. Moreover, no scary mark of eyes dropping and eye bagging can be observed in her. Beside few marks of blepharoplasty can be visible in her upper eyelid that has become more sharper as well as no identification of loose skin make her look more seducing.


  • Facial Fillers- Botox injections are known to be filling chemical in the clinical surgery world. Botox implantation comprises to two more chemical that are Juvederm and Restylane that are known to make the people get a boasted and smoother skin. Her cheeks are completely filled of life that makes the world to say one thing that Kim has done the surgery.

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