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Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

The celebrity Disney girl Lindsay Lohan, just cannot keep herself away from the headlines, though at times she may be facing the wrong end of the barrel. Been born chocked with talent, she began making impressions in the showbiz world as a fashion model at the age of 3.

She may have had her bag of sorrows, and some would want to believe her passion for fillers is one of them. They may be right when they conclude that the super celeb girl, with her cosmetic fillers has successfully managed to turn herself into a wax doll.

Beautiful Lindsay LohanBiography

Date Of Birth : July 02, 196

Age : 27

Height : 5.5 feet

Body Measurement : 36-24-35

Parents : Michael Lohan, Dina Lohan

Spouse : Actress Lindsay Lohan is currently single.


What’s the truth behind Cosmetic Surgery ?

Well, Lindsay Lohan’s lips are not the same as they were before, for she managed to put a duck beak over it and that is what the puffed up lips suggest. And so are her cheeks, they look as if she has chewed on something and is unable to swallow, and neither is she able to throw out, she is stuck. Then focus at her skin between her eyebrows and eyelids, how come they look padded underneath. Even her forehead is not spared, and it got all gelled and waxed, perfect for Madame Taussaud? Her whole face seems to be done over, and puffed. So, what do these indicate? It is as if Miss Lindsay was gone a mile further to clone herself.

How actress Lindsay Lohan looks after surgery

Spicing up the environment is a speculation that Lindsay Lohan could well have used dermal fillers, which are non-surgical injections used for filling up scars, and can be used under the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Is It Too Early

Did Lindsay fall too early into the black-hole of artificial fillers and surgical procedures which no celeb can escape from especially in recent times? Though, you shouldn’t expect the cards to fall your way always, there are possibilities that you may end up as if cloned from outer planet. Lindsay Lohan may not be looking that way, but she definitely looks more matured now than her previous self. Maybe she has learned from experience, and has grown up?

Though, what the critics are unable to digest is, why the heck did she decide to go under the surgeon’s needle in the first place? And that to, at so young age when her god-gifted beautiful body did not need any fillers, and ointments to exhibit its full glory. She looked gorgeous before, and to her diehard fans she does even today. Hope she keeps creating headlines, for good reasons though.

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