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Lolita Richi

Lolita Richi is the famous Ukarine model who is similar to human barbies. She is known to modify herself to imitate a plastic doll as well as look younger to her age. Lolita is considered in today’s world as an advance living doll that is born on earth and today she is simply rocking at a tender age of 16 years.

Check out the updated wiki of Lolita Richi in detail from her personal life to glamour career.


Profile & Statistics

Lolita RichiOriginal Name : Lolita Richi

Nick Name: Lolita Richi

Birthday Date: 01 December, 1998


Height : 5.3 feet

Weight : 45 Kg or 99 lb

Age:  16

Eye Color : Green

Body Measurements: 32-24-32

Education : Hischool

Parents :


Religion: Christian

Astrology Sign :

Personal Life and Dreams

She is the beauty who has who hails originally from Kiev but is known to temporarily live in the place called Turkmenistan. She is the has completed her education from Ukraine and desired to become a Psychologist soon after completing her schooling and side by side got involved in achieve the fame as a human Barbie.  Moreover, she has even claims that in her childhood days, she has never played with dolls and always preferred going out and playing with boys. She simply wants to look perfect and therefore started dressing up as per her choice.

Perfection in Terms of Beauty

She is known as the best doll like beauty that is even known as mirror Richi. The add-on to her beauty is the tiny 20-inch waist along with 32F bra size as well as the use of contact lenses that makes her eyes appear wider. She considers that her beauty makes other jealous and even the boys who are not of her taste start fantasizing about her.

Success Enjoying its Sweet Flavor

This 16 years old girl isn’t a prefect a feminist model but an ultimate vamp woman. She is known for beauty and even committee that she had never undergone any knife. She in her career has till date received a number of modeling assignment as is even hitting the list name of alive human doll. She says that throughout her career she has never heard or seen real life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova but she considers herself to be an improvement to previous living dolls prevailing in the trend.

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