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Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery

The feeling of achieving the perfect shape is something that requires immense effort not to mention the amount of time it takes too, but many people today opt for the easy way out the surgical kind. And one person’s good looks has caught the eyes of critics who love to scream plastic surgery and the point they make is a good one, that person is Marg Helgenberger who is 55 but has the looks of someone in their 30’s.

She may not be a mainstream face anymore but the gossip of her going under the knife has surely given her that temporary status hike putting the talks of her award winning skills in the background.

BiographyGorgeous actress Marg Helgenberger

Date Of Birth : November 16, 1968

Age : 55

Height : 5.5 feet

Body Measurement : 32-25-33

Spouse : Alan Rosenberg

The past and the plastic surgeries

Helgenberger rose to fame with her roles in shows like CSI and China Beach also affording her an emmy in 1990 but her looks haven quite gone the way of the clock since causing many to scream cosmetic surgery. At the age of 55 Marg has beautiful facial skin and it could be a sign of a past face lift and Botox, and many fans are actually grateful and said her skin looks 20 years younger than her age. Most Celebrities from the hills of Hollywood subscribe to the tricks of the trade and there is a good chance that Marg Helgenberger has too.

Sporting the beach body

Lately Marg was seen at the beach sporting a two piece bikini that flaunted her extraordinarily maintained body, that kind of maintenance requires immense effort. So evidence is prominent that she is willing to take the effort to look good. Even at her age she is definitely in shape and the spotting image of health with her abs showing in all its glory.

How Marg Helgenberger looks Before Vs. After the surgery?

Before the surgeries Marg was your average Hollywood celebrity with a few years to her credit, she had glowing skin and facial lines that some say add to the glamour of Hollywood. But after the procedure he pictures reveal that her face shows no signs of aging, pointing to the fact that Botox probably had something to do with it. Evidence also points to a temple raise, eye lid surgery and laser skin therapy according to some doctors. But we feel the efforts she takes does not only end in the surgery but also to the fact that she takes very good care of herself.

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