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Mariah Carey Plastic Surgery Before and After

Mariahh Carey, a product of the entertainment culture of music and cinema, has had those envious curves ever since she hit the limelight with the release of her studio alum ‘Mariahh Carey’ in 1990. With age not taking its toll, and also giving birth to twins along the way, Mariah’s body still remains a bombshell, maybe a bit more explosive than ever. Envious birds are chirping that Mariah went under the knife of plastic surgery, and cry foul play. Born in 1969 , it doesn’t matter, her new looks make her look as if she was born yesterday


Beautiful Singer Mariah CareyBiography

Date Of Birth : March 27, 1970

Age : 44

Height : 5.9 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-35

Spouse : Mariah Carey married twice and her current husband name is Nick Cannon.


The truth about Nose Job & Cheek Uplift of Mariah Carey

Just checkout the telltale signs, like her signature cheeks are not the same, they have been given a new shape. Her nose also looks more than been puffed. The swollenness is reduced and it has become sharper, especially on her tips, not even a fly can sit over it. Now, do you smell smoke? Has nose job and cheek implants got to do something with it, or Mariah is the Holy Grail, the chalice of Jesus, and age is just a number for her.

Breast Augmentation

People keep talking about her plastic surgery however you can agree Mariah must have put in a lot of hard exercises to shed extra pounds of flap to reclaim her old self, even better at that one. But what about her breasts,  the slight sag which was there previously has gone, and they look more projected. Are these breast implant telltale signs? Why leave it there, go little below, her belly also does not look as if it has seen C section days. And if anything, her stomach has melted as ice and even her belly button never looked that way before.


Well, when your banks are stuffed with dollars, no harm burning some of them on your body uplift. After all in the entertainment world, your bodily attraction does help you to stay in limelight. Hence, Mariah has not sinned, and she can do what she ought to do for a stunning body which is ‘neighbours’ envy but owner’s pride. Despite it, what smokes your ears is her claim that she got her body back by following a body fitness magical program of Jenny Craig, which she did 3 days a week. Jenny Craig obviously did not object to that revelation, after all she was patting her, whether she deserved it or not is a completely different matter.

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