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Meg Ryan Before and After Plasitc Surgery

The gorgeous actress Meg Ryan still looks young and its really hard to say whether she gone through plastic surgery. Find out how she looks before and after. In reality, the plastic surgery has its pros and cons but sometimes bad plastic surgery can ruin your career and even your life. Meg Ryan is an actress who has given us some of the most beautiful performances in movies before the hit of the new millennium, starring in movies like “Sleepless in Seattle”, “City of Angels” and “When Harry Met Sally” but she is best known for having really bad plastic surgery. She had become the leading lady in almost all romantic and romantic – comedy movies of the erabut now only little more than a decade later she is almost forgotten and the reason for that is bad plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan

Good vs Bad Plastic Surgery
Meg had the face of an angel but as time passed that really changed and all thanks to trying to look younger and prettier. Her nightmare started after 1999 when she started to look different because of the excessive surgeries, in time she was unrecognizable and all that effort was to improve her already great looks.

Before Vs. After
Though I would not like to say it but there were times where Meg looked like a baked potato, having a beautiful body was the only thing in her favor as her face kept changing as a result of correction surgeries. She has had her share of surgeries starting from:

Meg Ryan before and after

Lip Enhancement: Trying to look more Hollywood got Meg to tryout a lip enhancement surgery, the outcome was pretty good but just like beginners luck she would fall in trouble not too long after this.

Nose job: Meg’s nose looks a lot longer now, though it’s notall that bad it’s not great either. The bottom and the bulb of her nose looks artificially smoothened and that’s another reason she has lost her charm.

Chin Reconstruction: The most disturbing aspect was the way Megs face looked after the procedure, from a longish face she got a square face which is pretty dominant in the movie industry.

Lifestyle and fitness
Meg might have a smoking hot bikini body at the age of 53 but that’s all thanks to the efforts she takes in the gym, she is one of the few stars capable of looking like she is in her late 20’s despite touching half a century. Most people have witnessed her hard work in the gym and she is even known to take long strolls in the park with her better half from time to time.

A strict diet and lot of hard work has got her to the place she is but we doubt that it will wipe the stigma of her botched plastic surgeries anytime soon.

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