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Meryam Faris revealed plastic surgery details

The Arabian singer Myriam Fares revealed details about plastic surgery and perfect figure secret. Find how she looks before and after with picture in 2015. Myriam Fares is a Lebanese singer known for her touching voice beautiful red hair and her genuine good looks, the last of which many believe is the gift of plastic surgery. So do you think Myriamhas gone under the knife to improve her looks or is she an all-natural beauty? Myriam has the good looks and charm that can get you to stare at her pretty face for hours, that’s why she has excelled in singing, entertaining and even movies these days.

Myriam Fares

Influence of Plastic Surgery on Meryam Faris

Myriam has finally done it, in a recent interview where she was asked about her plastic surgery she stood her ground and made it very clear that she is an old-fashioned girl and likes things simpler and that means no plastic surgery. The story started to blow up when the interviewer asked to feel specific parts of her and Myriam agreed to prove her point.

Even though the interviewer did not take the liberty to do what he said he would, that usually means she is certain that she has not had any such procedure. But what about procedures that cannot be felt by the hand?

Before Vs. After

Myriam Fares has all the reason to pursue plastic surgery, she loves showing off her incredible beauty in music videos and is known to be a fashionista, so if she has had any procedures it would be these.

Myriam Fares before and after surgery

Botox: Botox is pretty evident in Myriam Fares, especially considering how full her cheeks look, she might be pretty good looking but cheeks like those are usually the result of good old Botox and fillers.

Forehead lift: Myriam is in her early 30s now and she does not have a single line on her forehead which is unheard of, it’s not impossible but simply unheard of. We suspect she has had the procedure which has her whole face looking a lot better now and a little smoother too.

Lifestyle and fitness

If you take a close look at Myriam you will see that she does not only look beautiful but also pretty athletic too and she says the formula to that is being dedicated to a routine, she drinks a lot of water and eats all the right food and that’s what puts her in the best condition of her life. Fares says that maintain the right figure is a balancing act between the right eating and exercise.

She has advised her fans to concentrate on their diet more than exercise to get into shape it’s no wonder she is such a beloved figure in the Arabic world.

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