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Myriam Klink

Myriam Klink, a Lebanese model, was born in 1970. She turned into a singer and activist who got involved herself in controversies over her provocative wardrobe and music videos. Myriam got the fame from her music video. She is also a glamorous model active on social media. Lets check out the Myriam Klink wiki from body measurements to personal details updated in 2015 below.

Profile & Statistics

Model Myriam Klink profile detailsOriginal Name : Myriam Klink

Nick Name: Myriam Klink

Birthday Date: 1970

Ethnicity: Lebanese

Height :

Weight :

Age: 45 Years

Eye Color :

Body Measurements:

Education :

Parents :

Myriam Klink Boyfriend: Not yet known


Astrology Sign :



Myriam Klink was also called by the name Miriam Clink. Her father was Lebanese, and her mother was Serbian. Her grandfather used to teach her about the importance and the values of life in every phase. She grew up in the family that was filled with journalists, politicians and writers. On the other hand, she was always attracted towards fashion and dance. She got into the eyes of media because of her aggressive and bold character. She loved animals and was fond of the beauties of nature.

Her Controversies

In the beginning stage, she was accused of singing her first song called ‘antar’ and was blamed for insulting the Arab art. Later she decided to release more songs that would impress her followers. In 2012, a music video was launched by her in whom she insulted the political situation in Lebanon. In 2013, she stood against the law according to which foreign husbands of Lebanese wives and children were not given the citizenship of Lebanese. Myriam also threatened a couple at gunpoint for having sex in her garden. She also joined a reality show on TV where candidates had to show their talents. Myriam Klink and a model named Joelle Hatem had filed lawsuits against each other. Myriam threatened Hatem that she would expose her sex relationship with her ex-boyfriend with a tape she had. Myriam also expressed her willingness for a nude photo shoot in the snow of Lebanon.

Myriam Klink achievements

Myriam Klink performed a large number of commercial advertisements that are related to sodas, cars, clothes, face cream, ice cream and many more. She also participated in about more than 1000 fashion shows. She was always interested in the TV fashion shows from where she learned catwalk by watching models. Finally, she decided to be on the podium and become a successful model with a huge number of fans following her.

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