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Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery

Nadya Suleman is just like your average house wife, the only difference is she gave birth to octuplets in January of 2009, and the media created fan frenzy around the delivery as it was the first successful delivery of octuplets in over a few decades, creating a pseudo celebrity status for the mother.

Giving birth to eight babies at a time is no joke and is the highlight of the young ladies life and it was what catapulted her career as an adult entertainment star. Now giving birth to eight babies is indeed difficult and has undoubtedly had to have left the young mother in less than the ideal shape she hoped to be in, so was that the motive needed for “Octamom” to have plastic surgery.



Nadya Suleman - Truth revealed about plastic surgeryDate Of Birth : July 11, 1975


Age : 38


Height : 5.6 feet


Body Measurement : 34-25-35


Spouse : She was married to Marcos Gutierrez but divorced in 2008.


Shooting to pseudo glory

This pseudo star has received celebrity status for all the wrong reasons, first delivering 8 children at a stretch, followed by her se$ video in the D grade film industry and now by the rumours of Cosmetic surgery. It’s like it does not take any talent, refinement or ability to qualify as a celebrity in the Hollywood of today. But the rumours of a se$ video and plastic surgery is all you need to hit up the steaming gossip blogs.

The cause and effect

Now it’s quite evident that moms recovering from a gruelling pregnancy have had gained a little weight and slightly lost on the elasticity of skin. But recovering from an octababy pregnancy and jumping on the modelling bandwagon quite promptly requires more than just pure luck, but that’s what Octamom has chalked it down to. She says she prefers the all-natural way to get back what she lost, but by the look of it plastic surgery might have also had a little hand at her springing back to shape.

Before and  after the Plastic Surgery

Pregnancy is beautiful part of life but it often drains the mother of much more than just her energy. While it sometimes takes years for women to get back into shape Nadya Suleman has recovered from 8 children coming out of her in less than a few weeks! Something does not quite add up there.

On close examination many critics say that her skin is stretched and has not had time to recover which also reveal some deep stretch marks. All these indicate a trimming of the excess flesh which was probably the case. There are also rumours of Botox and a nose job as the stars face has also showed signs of Hollywood fever.

Now it’s truly a curious case of how exactly did octomom pull this off, while she says it was diet and a rigorous exercise routine we feel like we would rather consider the opinion of our old friend common sense, but stranger things have happened in the world of Hollywood so nothing in this plstic world is really sure.

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