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Najwa Karam Singer Plastic Surgery Before and After

Najwa Karam is a Lebanese recording artist who is massively famous for being the heart of music in the UAE and she is also a very gorgeous woman, but considering she is pushing on the age of 49 at this moment in time and she is still looking dashing we can see why the world thinks she has joined the plastic surgery band wagon.

Najwa has been active in the music industry for over two decades now but she has always been seen as a rather chubby performer rather than a hot and happening diva which is becoming a trend today. So what do you think? Has Najwa had plastic surgery to maintain her good looks or is this just another play for attention?

Najwa Karam

The Growing Influence of Plastic Surgery
Najwa is one of the most photographed women in the UAE and she has the tendency to pose for any and all pictures let it be a fan or the ever vigilant paparazzi.

Before Vs. After

Najwa Karam before and after surgery
Breast enhancement:
Najwa has just started trying to look feminineover the past decade and she has said that in many interviews. So in the process we feel there were a few changes to the way she looked that indicated firmer breasts. This is surely plastic surgery.

Nose job: Her nose looks a lot shapelier now than it was before, the edge of her nose is a lot flatter and looks artificial, even though she has not come up and admitted anything yet we know there is a lot more left to see.

Lip job: The lip job is one of the few things that most people feel Najwa has had, and they may be right, because her lips are broader now and a bit too plump for her age, is it the result of good food or surgery, you decide!

Not Fat but Fabulous
Najwa has been called fat by a lot of people and people but in our eyes she is the best example of what a real woman can look like, she is not fat but rather curvy and she owns up to it. That’s the whole appeal that’s great according to us. And we are not the only ones who feel that way because she is also the brand ambassador to L’Oreal’s brand of products in the UAE.

Najwa at the age of 49 is still a madly beautiful woman and inspires many to not worry about the way they look so she is a definite good influence to women around the world irrespective if she has had plastic surgery or not.

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