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Nancy Ajram Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

The use of plastic surgery is becoming more and more common these days, before only a select few could afford it but even less wanted to try it but today it’s the best way to change the looks you are born with. But what if you are already born with great looks? Nancy Ajram is one such person who has received lots of criticism for alleged plastic surgery even though she was born with great looks.

Nancy Ajram

Nancy looks great today and her music is even better but at the age of 31 it’s hard not to feel like she has a pretty artificial face? So what procedures did she do? And were they worth it?

The Growing Influence of Plastic Surgery
Nancy is one of the most influential singers in Lebanon and has been popular since she was 15, that’s usually the time when money and fame could go to your head and you care more about looks than anything else so we see why it’s possible that a young Ajram could have undergone the surgery.

She is also a big influence to millions of young women around Lebanon and several people feel she is not a great role model for many reasons.

Before Vs. After
Many call Nancy the biggest plastic surgery transformation in the music industry and we can see why they say that, she has gone from looing averagely beautiful to fool blown super model in the past six years. If you compare her old pictures her face is a lot more chiseled but her nose and eyebrows are as sharp as they can get. Even her lips look longer and those are just the few changes that are obvious.

Nancy Ajram before and after

Breast enhancement:  This diva is come to be known for her voice and sex appeal and now to enhance it she has got breast implants that has got her chest looking a lot fuller and much more appealing.

Botox: Botox is the favorite tool for all the Hollywood ladies andit seems like it’s getting famous here too, Ajram has used Botox on her cheeks because on close inspection it looks smoother and a little artificial too. The Botox is helping her to fight ageing and is doing a great job at keeping the wrinkles at bay.

Lifestyle and fitness
Ajram is one of the few Arabic stars who does not really care about following a strict diet, she is closer to a normal person than you could imagine because she eats right but she loves to indulge in some old fashion deserts as well. Ajram has said the secret to her smooth skin is a lot of water, and a decent amount of exercise.

Ajram may be the leading person in music and plastic surgery in the UAE but she is not the only and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for her future considering she is already super modified at the age of 31.

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