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Naomi Watts Truth about Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries are the super stars of entertainment industry. And as light cannot escape from a black-hole, so can’t the poor celebs from the plastics. It is the fact that few celebrities have to seek the help of plastic surgeries to help them in order to regain their beautiful and young looks. Well not all though, say hello to Naomi Watts, an internationally acclaimed actress, who holds different views about plastics. Though she does acknowledge the power of plastic surgeries, and quipped ‘never say never’, so hope not before long you may see a new Naomi Watts. And the wires will get hot with her old and new photos. Her fans will peel petals, ‘did she do it or did she not’, while she may choose to stay mum. After all it is her personal business.


Beautiful Naomi WattsBiography

Date Of Birth : September 28, 1968


Age : 45


Height : 5.5 feet


Body Measurement : 32-25-34


Spouse : She is not yet married however living with Liev Schreiber.


Children: Actress Naomi Watts is living with her two children.


Her Views about Plastic Surgeries

The mother of two, in her forties is still looking stunning young and beautiful. And she being at the wrong place, that is Hollywood, it was expected her body to undergo the x-rayed scanning by experts looking for telltale signs of plastics. But no, going for plastics is not her way of life, and she believes that plastics give you frozen and freakish looks, well it is good to hear that, but all you know one day she may be draping that herself. For her comments in one of the popular magazine she given her statement that ‘Never say never -…’ were indications she wasn’t all that against plastic surgeries after all.

The evergreen beauty asserted that it was all in her genes that she has managed to make the clock run slower for her, and cosmetic surgeries have nothing to do with it. She spelt out her exercise plans including Pilates, yoga, dance-cardio, and tennis, which she incorporated in her lifestyle to defy the plans of nature.

Naomi Watts believes that plastic surgery is not meant for actresses, the artificial looks those Botox fillers and plastics give to the face, keeps the expressions hidden. She argues that actresses without plastic surgeries are doing better work in the industry, while those with plastics have being successful in making themselves look freakish. For her, going for surgeries is just the way for the rich, and longer they live deeper their wrinkles get, and deeper the urge for cosmetic surgeries.

Well regardless whether Naomi Watts has gone under the knife or not, but with her blatant views about plastics, for the time she can be given a clean chit. Though remember just for now.

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