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Natalie Portman Before and After Plastic Surgery

Those who believe that Natalie Portman’s beautiful face isn’t a place for plastic surgery, think again. Plastic surgeries and Hollywood celebs have got intertwined owing to the never ending obsession of beautiful young actresses to look hotter and sexier. Though, the reasons behind Natalie Portman’s insecurity for going for plastic surgery can be explained only by her, if she is willing to babble about it.

Natalie Portman stepped into the world of glamour and fashion at the tender age of 8, when she modeled for Revlon. Hence, she may have got the illusion that she being in industry for too long must have grown old. Poor girl, instead of wiping her mirror clean, she went for wiping her face. Her journey from Revlon to movies, and Dior cosmetics made her a bewitching beauty of the glamour world, and with the amount of roar she created, rumor spinners were equal in keeping up with her pace. And yes, rumors of plastic surgeries are a part of the story of her life.


Beautiful Natalie PortmanBiography

Date Of Birth : June 09, 1981


Age : 32


Height :  1.6 m / 5.3 feet tall


Body Measurement : 34-25-34


Spouse : Married with Benjamin Millepied in 2012


The Giveaway Signs

Painted faces are not angels, if not all commoners can tell, at least experts can make out the difference between the fake and the original. And that is what happened to Natalie Portman the moment she appeared for an AFI Lifetime Achievement ceremony. Her face was the first thing that caught the attention of celeb lovers. To their surprise it was plump than they had last seen, or was it their optical illusion? This lead to curiosity and Natalie Portman’s body was further minutely inspected. The experts found out that it was her face only which had gone plump, and rest of her body ass-sets did not match up. Conclusion, Natalie had done plastic surgery on her face.

Nose Job

Dr. Holcomb, a plastic surgeon is adamant that some sort of nose job has been done on Natalie’s nose, and a good one he quips. Some say that the changed nose was a result of the artist makeup job. Whatever the reasons, her nose had definitely become pointed, and sharp enough to be poked anywhere she liked.

Next it was her breasts that gathered attention, and she having a breast-suckling baby did not convince the mortals that they may have swelled for those reasons. Well, it is something to ponder, if her breasts were getting suckled, why is there no sag later, how come they are all propped up and firm? Well, this puzzle doesn’t seem hard to crack.

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