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Nikki Bella New Look via Plastic Surgery

The WWE has seen its share of gorgeous woman across the years but none like the beautiful and athletic Bella twins. Nikki Bella is one half of the famous duo and former WWE women’s champion who has risen to fame with her sister Brie Bella because of their intense in- ring skill.

But the word outside the ring is something different because the beautiful Bella twins are no longer identical Because Nikki Bella has allegedly had breast augmentation surgery and has moved from a B-cup to a D-cup.

Popular wrestler Nikki BellaBiography

Date Of Birth : November 21, 1983

Age : 30

Height : 5.6 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-34

Spouse : There is news floating on the web that Nikki Bella is dating with John Cena.

Twin Magic no more

Nikki and Brie Bella used to be near identical giving them a special opportunity to play inside the WWE ring move called the “twin magic” where they would switch places and go on to win the match inside wwe arena. But after Nikki getting an upgrade in the chest department that was rather hard to pull off as the difference was obvious since her sister had no such procedure done.

A different kind of  “Twin Magic”

Nikki and Brie have been gifted with immense skill and worked towards become great athletes but one thing that was not a natural given was their breast size, as compared to most other women in the WWE locker room they were quite small. Acknowledging this Nikki once said at an event “I wanted my own set of Twin magic for myself” hinting at her now ample chest. There is gossip on net that Nikkie Bella might have gone through breast implants.

Nikki Bella is also credited for being a health freak more than anything else and says that’s why my body can give a mannequin a complex, she believes in eating right and says regular exercise is the only way to make a person look his best

Wrestling through surgeries

Wrestlers often put their lives on the line as they do the stuff to entertain the masses, this in return leaves them battered bruised and many times in need of surgery. Having a broken nose is more or less a staple injury in the business and many of the athletes have to go for corrective surgeries that are paid for by the company, so in the process of fixing said nose is it difficult to get a little work done, no not at all!

Keeping this in bracket many wrestling superstars have had surgeries with the excuse of injury But the question is has Nikki ever had such a procedure, she denies it. Some plastic surgeons have said that Nikki Bella’s cheeks look natural, but that could be also the result of good Botox. And even in the wrestling Entertainment business that’s a good possibility as WWE has taken a stand to keep steroids and other chemicals outside the bodies if athletes.

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