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Park Bom Plastic Surgery

In her homeland South Korea, with commoners and celebs alike obsessed with plastic surgeries, it is a wonder why Park Bom plastic surgeries have gathered that much storm. Maybe the celebrity singer has opted for them one too many time, and every time the odd-30-year-old, girl knocks the surgeon’s door, rumors and critics come knocking at hers.

Critics call it her obsession with plastic surgery when she offers herself as a guinea pig every time a new procedure is introduced. Twitching their noses, people are skeptical whether her endeavors are doing her more good than harm. Hence people all around the world, concerned about the looks of this beautiful damsel simply can’t resist devouring her body for noticeable changes every time she steps on the stage.


Cute singer Park Bom  fact about plastic surgeryBiography

Date Of Birth :  March 24, 1984

Age : 30

Height :  1.64 meter / 5.5 feet

Body Measurement : 32-24-33

Spouse : Singer Park Bom is currently single.


The Distinct Changes

Let’s take her from the top and look for visual changes. Whether it is her eyelids, nose jobs, lip injection, her chin implants, or her breast implant, she has managed to wax herself for Madame Tussauds. The first indications people got of a changed Park Bom was when her bulbous nose disappeared and wore a more sharpened looked. Then somewhere along, the gossip world heated up with images showing Park Bom’s with her asymmetrical nose. This let the cat out of the bag, and it was safe to conclude that her nose job had gone terribly wrong.

Then her eyes were a giveaway when she managed to give them an Asian double eyelid with crease, and later she redefined them with a mixture of parallel and tapered eyelids. Park Bom did get appreciation for her eyelid and nose job, but her other ventures did not turn out to the liking of her fans and critics alike.

People felt her lips were too full for their liking, and she could have done better, had she left them alone. So goes for her chin, which looked terribly out of shape. Then people couldn’t help noticing her breasts transformation. Though her breasts had become fuller, critics cried they had gone out of shape.

Park Bom’s plastic surgeries are an open secret, and there are no swords drawn at that. But smart folks of the town don’t want to be sold a dummy that she undergoes all these extensive plastic surgery procedures due to certain illness. They can smell a rat from miles away, especially when it comes to celebs. Has jealousy got something to do with it?

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