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Park Min Young admits to plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a tool that lets you change the canvas that is your face so dramatically that many Indian films have their plots based on that simple concept, and surprisingly that’s not an exaggeration in this case. And many people including and not limited to Film stars prefer plastic surgery to correct their so called flaws. Park Min Young is one of the many celebrities who have used plastic surgery not as a tool against ageing but to help enhance their looks and correct their flaws. She is from Korea country from where Jun Ji Hyun also belong to. You don’t need careful observation to notice the effects are certainly plastic surgery in the case of Park Min young.

So why did Park Min Young have so many procedures done on herself?

Min Young Surgery Facts details truth revealed

Park Min Young is a Korean star who has risen to fame in the past decade with her notable acting skills. She is an ambitious actress and wants to explore her boundaries, may be even take on Hollywood if she get a chance, that’s why many people believe she has had lots of plastic surgery, and since Korean actresses  are no strangers to plastic surgery just like their Hollywood counterparts you can imagine why all the rumours started floating about.

Park Min Young has had probably one of the best plastic surgery procedures we have seen, the surgeon who conducted the procedure has not only done an exceptional job but also created incredible results as Park Min looks just stunning. She has had a couple of procedures like eyelid surgery along with a facial reconstruction so that she could look more symmetrical.

Before and After                           

The plastic surgeries have changed Park Min’s appeal drastically , she originally had a baby face that was plump and undefined features but she then had a few procedures like a Jaw surgery, nose job and some even suggest she has had a breast implant.

Jaw Surgery: Originally having a wider jaw she got that altered to become a little more narrow and as a result that changed her look drastically being the biggest alteration to her face.

Breast Enhancement:Its Rumoured thatshe jumped two cup sizes from an A Cup to a C Cup to look more like a Hollywood actress. It was successful by any comparison.

Eyelid Surgery: Parks most prominent change was her eyelid surgery which made her look fresh and dashing, It added a certain zing to her face.


The Fans Speak

When Park asked her fans on what they thought and if they could accept her decision her fans said that they care only for the star and her as a person the plastic surgery does not change anything. While she is open to explore the world for opportunity this beautiful young star has a long way to go so let’s see if she gets addicted to the thought of plastic surgery or are the procedures simply in the past for her!

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