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Pete Burns Tragedy of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has improved a lot of lives over the decades, we can see people benefit from this simple procedure and improve their confidence and their lives drastically, but before Pete Burns never has plastic surgery ever had such a mixed reaction in the eyes of the world. Singer and songwriter Pete Burns has an over two decade old relationship with plastic surgery and the results make him look like a mixture between an African voodoo puppet and a Troll doll. Though the results receive mixed reactions from his fans the overall response is just bad because he has clearly lost his original face in the fray which was not even his fault to begin with.

Rock and Radical Chaos!

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery
Pete has been part of the band Dead or Alive for a long time and has been a major force in the rock universe, his Looks and Costume like most bands in the genre was purely gothic, dark and depended on heavy makeup. he had his first plastic surgery which was a nose job which was unsuccessful but he came back for more. Burns also went on to have more surgeries done and in 2000 he had a Lip surgery that went drastically wrong.

Pete has had an addiction to surgery many times pointing fingers at his doctors saying that it was their recommendation but he never stopped even though it was his face.

Cosmetic Surgery Tragedy
Pete’s lip surgery had gone drastically wrong and his lips began to swell as a reaction to the procedure, Pete had a bad time for a few years and a near death experience because of the issues with his face. But that was not the end of the problems for him.

He would require further surgery to fix the problems with the earlier plastic surgery constantly having Botox injections on himself to keep his skin young. But that was not enough to pull down the upbeat singer who is known for his flamboyant appearance, He not only Embraces his new look but also tries to maintain himself. You would see him trying various fashion trends some pretty absurd at his shows, and he would also spend loads on make up making him look even more absurd than he does.

Pete fought in court against the doctor who administered the Lip operation that went wrong and in 2009 settled outside Court for a £ 450,000 compensation.

Pete burns tale is quite a cautionary story of how sometimes things can go wrong even if you don’t necessarily overdo it. The singer has everything today everything except a normal life but in our experience that’s the last thing he wants.

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