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10 Pictures of Amisha Patel Without Makeup

The good looking bold and beautiful Amisha Patel is known for her some of the best movies and known for her charming smile across all countries.  As of now Amisha is busy with her 2 upcoming movies i.e. Bhaiyyaji Superhitt and Desi Magic in which she will be appearing with stars like Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta etc.

Even though she is now 38+ year old, there is not a single clue of age on Amisha Patel.  No doubt, she do taking care of herself from diet to workout very strictly and no wonder how she looks still bold and beautiful.

Amisha Patel Without Makeup

Actress Amisha Patel looking very bad without makeup

Amisha Patel looks very tired

Spotted recently during an event with typical Indian dress that consist of Salwar Kurta.

Pretty actress Amisha Patel traveling in tracksuit

Amisha seen recently when coming out from airport however still looks gorgeous without any makeup.  Seems like pink color is her favorite dress.

Amisha Patel getting workout in gym


This snap were taken during workout of Amisha and she looks pretty good shape in gym with her trainer.

Most popular Indian actress Amisha Patel without makeup

Gorgeous Amisha Patel in shopping moll


The cute actress spotted in a shopping mall with casual dress in jeans and t-shirt while her face looks bright and beautiful.

Amisha Patel doing meditation in sunlight  Amisha Patel looks very happy in white dress

Last but not the least – this picture of Amisha taken inside a Mall with a t-shirt in which she looks fabulous.

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