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Preity Zinta Plastic Surgery

This beauty known as Preity Zinta is belong to the north, is one of Bollywood’s darlings and one of the most recognized faces in India. She is not only beautiful but also the cutest among all the actress according to many and he bubbly persona puts her on top as one of India’s most beloved celebrities even since she has been on hiatus for quite a long time. Preity Zinta is the Bollywood star whose dimples are probably one of the most prominent feature of hers has had several changes in her overall looks for decades, she had been on a hiatus for over two years and coming back to the silver screen is no small task. that’s where the rumors for the  plastic surgery started coming from.

Have Preity’s Surgery scars  been spotted by the public?

Did Preity Zinta  gone through plastic surgery?

Preity Zinta is a very private person and is not a person to be seen frolicking in the spotlight, she has a tendency to cover-up herself when she is in public so as not to gain too much attention. but recently many have attributed her recent secrecy to a bout with plastic surgery, the star has not commented on the allegations as of yet. and even though she may not be 22 anymore she is still drop dead gorgeous.

The Transformations for the Decade

Despite what many people say it cannot be confirmed if Preity Zinta has really had Plastic Surgery or not, but if she has not then that is some incredible skin and extraordinary genetics of the star. her skin is absolutely flawless and is smoother than even a 22 year old.

Her incredible skin has caused us to imagine the hands of plastic surgeon behind the task, the media has also been quite ruthless in this matter saying that plastic surgery procedures are the case here. it’s because the star has come to the age where characteristic aging starts and the difference is evident.

The Before VS After

Preity Zinta has starred n many films in her youth and her characteristic dimples are something that have not changed since, but she has lost a lot of fat gaining a pretty slim figure in the past few years, many like to speculate that it’s the work of plastic surgery.
Botox: Botox is the favorite tool of the Hollywood surgeon so we can see how it’s not difficult for his Bollywood counterpart to comply, many have also said that it’s what she used in her youth to gain those luscious cheeks.
Breast Implants: Though Breast implants are rather uncommon in India the difference in her looks and breast size might signify the use of implants to spice up her figure in an attempt to capture a younger audience after such a long hiatus.

While Preity Zinta is trying to recapture the charm with  the younger audience especially after younger stars have absolutely  taken over the industry, the stars charm and energy is something we hope to see more of in the future.

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