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Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

Priscilla Presley is the known and legal wife of Elvis Presley who was known to be the king of rock, but howsoever he currently not with us. But, we do have his wife Priscilla who is similar to her husband and even had a daughter. She is even known as top celebrity as she is currently a reputed actress who appeared as a bombshell in the series “Naked Gun” with the recurring roles and even she succeed to reveal her talent in the 5 years successful running show popular as “Dallas”. She has hit the page of tabloid with the rumor or truth of plastic surgery.


Did She Really Make A Visit To Surgeon?

What's the truth behind cosmetic surgery of Priscilla Presley?



Priscilla Presley surgery is considered to be a great failure due to the consequence result of bad plastic surgery but it does not resembles the epic failure of Marie Osmond. But this surgery was sort of crime in which she had been involved. This experiment was conducted by the person who called himself a doctor from Argentina known as Daniel Serrano who committed to create the magic of youthfulness that could be created by Botox treatment. This method used to induce rejuvenate young features was a complete made by illegal approach as it was not approved by FDA.

Comparison of Present and Past

It has been rumored that she had been going through a plastic surgery in order to receive a fantastic looks that is full of youth but she in returned turned up with a raw deal that was never expected. This bad result was result of selection of bad surgeon who was not certified and had been using the injection of silicone that is the equipment used for greasing of car parts for the surgery instead of Botox injection. This surgery resulted in offering a lumpy as well as distortion that caused due to the silicone bonding that was not able to cause smoothness. Remaining in concern of few magazine we came to know that silicone gel pack are effectively utilized in introducing breast implantation and this process is safe as well as FDA approved technique. This over all scene of crime depicts the truth that Priscilla plastic surgery is not rumor but 100% true evidences of facelift. Howsoever, so ever the result was a weird one that caused suspicious and cognizant appeal due to reversing of symptom of ageing in unnatural manner. This incompetent doctor turned a youthful face into freaky face with his wrong experiments. The celeb is currently trying out everything to regain her beautiful face back that is full of youth and vibes. Currently, this method of correction involve every method such as Botox, face and eye lift, Rhinoplasty, filler, liposuction and breast implantation too.

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