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Rachel McAdams Plastic Surgery Truth

Rachel McAdams been on the acting circuit since her debut in 1998 as a guest star in the Disney show The Famous Jett Jackson. This was by no means the start of her acting career. She has been acting on stage ever since she was thirteen.

Her rise to fame happened in 2004, when she starred as Regina George in the ever so popular movie Mean Girls. It was this movie that made her a favourite among the critics and a household name as well. Her versatility was showcased in the wide range of acting successes that followed Mean Girls.From the Wedding Crashers to her role as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes, the 2009 movie she has done a wide range of movies over the years.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams profile detailsBirthday Date: November 17, 1978

Ethnicity: Canadian

Height : 5.4 feet / 1.63 m

Weight : 54 kg / 119 lb

Age: 36

Eye Color : Hazel

Body Measurements: 34-24-35

Education : Rachel McAdams join Myrtle Street Public School for her primary education after that she attended Central Elgin Collegiate Institute for her higher education.

Net Worth: $14 Million (Source – What Net Worth)

Parents : Sandra McAdams & Lance McAdams

Boyfriend: Jake Gyllenhaal


Astrology Sign : Scorpio

This Canadian actress has been listed as one of Hollywood’s beauties multiple times over the years and this is no surprise. Her fair complexion and bright smile have become her signatures, but since 2009, there have been rumors flying around cyberspace about her having gone under the knife a couple times.

Rachel McAdams Comsetic Surgery Pics Before and After

Botox is a procedure that people go through very often and it is rumored that Rachel McAdams has gone through Botox  procedure as well. Her forehead  in comparison seems much more firmer and wrinkle free which is what has lend itself to these rumors. A rumour is never alone, and another rumour constantly heard about Rachel McAdams is that her lack of wrinkles is due to non-surgical cheek implants.


Perhaps, the most debated surgery Rachel McAdams is said to have had is a nose job (rhinoplasty). Many people believe that the slight crookedness of her nose comes from a botched surgery and that she should undergo corrective surgery to fix it. While others believe that her nose is completely natural and that the crookedness has just become more prominent with age.

Even experts are on both sides of these arguments as some say that she has had surgery and use their medical insight to support their claims. Other doctors say that she is completely natural in terms of surgery. Most people do agree that she has gotten some form of tightening and volumizing done in terms of implants and botox.

Rachel herself has never said anything supporting these rumours not anything against it and so these speculations remain as they are, mere ideas or thoughts within the heads of the fans and press.

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