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Rakhi Sawant Plastic Surgery

From Item girl to drama queen many names have been used to celebrate the phenomenon that is Rakhi Sawant and the one that oddly describes her is also the “plastic queen”. Rakhi is a famous Indian actress dancer and now politician who is knows widely for her loud and often charged personality, she has been criticized of obscenity for her gestures across many platforms by the media.

Rakhi may not exactly follow the guidelines of being a conventional beauty but she does have good features if nothing else. Some may even say she has the personality of a cactus, if cactuses were dull. She may not be the smartest of the bunch but she is definitely the loudest so much so that she has not only been part of reality shows she also hosted her very own. Rakhi has always loved and demanded the limelight and her looks and utter controversialist personality has given her that. But as time flies her looks will not garner the publicity she wants so is it hard to imagine her going under the knife to preserve her youth and fame.

BiographyMost popular Rakhi Sawant

Date Of Birth : November 25, 1978

Age : 35

Height : 5.5 feet

Body Measurement : 36-24-38

Parents : Anand Sawant, Jaya Bheda

The Plastic Surgery Procedure

Rakhi in partnership with investment group Showker Raz has started her own beauty salon for the Indian woman who wants to look gorgeous and hopes for international quality standards, with anIndian price. So it is no surprise that Rakhi knows the ins and outs of the cosmetic realm. Rakhi has been open about some of her ‘Cosmetic endeavours’ as many call it and has confessed to have been under the knife to get her work done. Rakhi is the product of a variety of procedures like Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Breast augmentation Surgery, and many procedures on her cheeks and jaw line and many feel that she has not seen the last of it.

How Rakhi Sawant loooks after Before and After Plastic Surgery

Though many people are not big fans of her mouth and what comes out of it that’s not the part of her that they go to see, but with her face looking sometimes distorted, sometimes normal, and sometimes too Hollywood many don’t know how to react to this. Her face after the procedure sometimes suited her extremely well but it’s not long before she tries either a new look, hairstyle or probably doctor. So though the reactions are all mixed about anything Rakhi does its always certain that she is going to be loud about it.

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