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Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery

Good looks make a big impact no matter who you are but it stands as a constant factor in the world of film and modelling, especially if you belong in the wines of mainstream erotica. Shannon lee tweed is an actress from Canada who rose to the lime light in the erotic thriller realm in the movie “of unknown origin” in 1983.

But to the end of the1990’stweed was not pleased with the number of offers in the basket as she was losing her coveted youth. And that’s why age is the biggest enemy to anyone in that world, so often people opt to go and leave their appearance in the hands of professionals who have made it their life’s work to keep famous people look young forever.

BiographyBeautiful and charming actress Shannon Tweed


Name : Shannon Tweed

Date Of Birth : March 10, 1957

Age : 57

Height : 5.9 feet

Body Measurement : 36-25-36

Spouse : Gene Simmons


Shannon Tweed facts about Plastic Surgery

Later in her career Shannon was rumoured to have a facelift alongside husband Gene Simmons who is the vocalist of kiss, and her fans from around the globe supported her in the effort and complimented her new appearance but also said that they loved the pre surgery Shannon too. The facelift might have been successful but was not up to the mark of Shannon’s desire which was a youthful refresh to her face, but it came with the price of sagging skin which made her look older. This prompted her to perform another surgery to correct the error but the effort was futile as the look did not necessarily make her look younger. Additionally many critics said that the surgery was not likely the best example for plastic surgery and compared her appearance to her past look which seems far off from the current look.

How much cost if for Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Frank Ryan who was alleged to be the doctor for her procedures confirmed that she had opted for a few procedures like a skin lift and lower eyelid surgery which would amount to close to $40,000. But that was not the only cost she felt was paid. Shannon admitted to have been under the knife to improve her looks, however the procedures did not necessarily meet the expectations she had and had created a look that was worse off than when she got it. She said it looked unnatural but overall she still looks great in her old age. And her fans felt the same way so it was not entirely a bad decission for the star

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