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Shruti Hassan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Beyond the looks Shruti Hassan has gained a lot of stuff from her talented daddy Kamal Haasan like singing, acting and dancing and needless to say she is a trooper in the efforts she makes and she is almost as hardworking as daddy. But growing up in a Household of a star is a different experience in itself and since the rich food and chocolates are always in abundance it’s sometimes hard to say no.

Hence a slightly plump Shruti Hassan did not want to enter the industry with the extra skin, so by what some believe the intervention of hard work, exercise and plastic surgery Shruti Hasan had a metamorphosis into the star she is today.

Gorgeous Shruti HassanBiography

Date Of Birth : January 28, 1986

Shruti Hassan Age : 28

Height : 5.8 feet

Body Measurement : 34-24-36

Parents : Kamal Haasan and Sarika

Shruti Hassan Before Vs. After the Plastic Surgery

It wasn’t very long ago that young Shruti Haasan was a chubby happy-go-lucky girl with dreams of someday joining her dad in the great land of cinema, but with the introduction to a little exercise and a little effort she was almost like a different person. But being the perfectionist she is she did not want to stop there, and after a nose job that was blamed on a deviated septum she seems like a totally different person. And following the transformation she not only improved on the confidence but also took up modelling wherever it permitted.

Shruti Hassan has been part of the film industry quite from the get go and has played more than just the guest role lending her voice to the onscreen world. But she never experienced a mainstream success until she starred in Gabbar Singh in early 2012. She started acting in mainstream cinema as early as 2007 but she felt like something was keeping her back. But today she has attributed her energy and spirit to a right workout and diet and she has vowed to keep doing it that way.

The Fitness Funda

Shruti Haasan says the easiest way to get in shape is simple. You need to have adequate sleep and lots of water during your day. And you need to concentrate on your diet too, she says that she concentrates more on the cardio aspect of the training to stay in shape. Though she also subscribes to weight training it’s not a major part of her workout. Today Shruti Haasan may be a mainstream face without the support of her father and that’s because of how she had made herself in modern Bollywood and down south too.

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