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Sofia Hayat Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Sophia Hayat is a British model who has come to be termed as one of the loud and unrefined personalities in the industry, that’s the reason she is so sought after in the modeling world. She has recently come under the media microscope for having Botox and fillers but she has openly denied it. Sofia has a degree in arts with honors along with a keen interest in performing arts.

Sofia Hayat

Above the fact that she is generally a gorgeous woman she also had her hands in many Indian and British projects related to modeling and TV and she was even part of the reality TV show “Big Boss 7”

The Growing Influence of Plastic Surgery
Sophia had a troubled past and has always tried to fit in properly without being taken advantage of. For that she now has a hard hitting attitude coupled with a soft hearted personality. Trying to be accepted and fit in got her to consider plastic surgery many times and as her career demanded it there was no reason not to.

Before Vs. After
The difference between an old picture of Sophia and her recent pictures are massive, her forehead is a lot smaller, her eyes look a lot more in shape and her cheeks are oddly large. It may look pretty too many but it does not look natural at least to the trained eye because she looks like a mannequin.

The new avatar of Sofia Hayat after Plastic Surgery - really looks young

Breast enhancement: the most noticeable difference istheincrease in Sophia’s breast size which was just average before but is now supersized just like her attitude. The new look suites her but does not necessarily get you interested in starting a conversation with her.

Nose job: Sophia had a cute nose before but now her nose looks slim and absurd she might know the in’s and the outs of the cosmetic world but she does not really know when to stop.

Cheek correction: Sophia biggest problem is her face looking out of whack because of the cosmetic correction and her cheeks looking weirdly swollen, though she was trying to get it to look plump, the result are surely bad.

Lifestyle and fitness
Sofia has even made it into the list of FHM’s sexiest women in the world at the rank of 81 which is pretty radical and all that is because of the efforts she puts in to maintaining herself. Sophia does a lot of running and is a big believer in eating right that’s why she is an occasional vegetarian too.

Sophia is not on the list of our top celebrities but she is sure fun to watch because of her high maintenance and over the top attitude.

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