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Sonakshi Sinha Plastic Surgery

There is a passing ritual in Bollywood now one that was thought to be a fad the ritual of plastic surgery, and it’s like every young artist that plans to debut has to venture the perilous realm of plastic surgery some time in their career which makes it all the more difficult to pass the modern day lakshaman rekha that is the media.

But this ritual if done right can catapult a stars career to the depths of Bollywood fame. Sonakshi Sinha made her Bollywood debut in 2010 and is thankfull to the gods of plastic surgery that they heard her prayers and gifted her new nose. Sonakshi is exceptionally beautiful beyond the shadow of a doubt but there was a time when she did not look like the dynamic goddess she looks today and that time was not very long ago.

Beauti girl Sonakshi SinhaBiography

Date Of Birth : June 02, 1987

Age : 26

Height : 5.6 feet

Body Measurement : 36-27-37

Parents : Poonam Sinha is her mother and  Shatrughan Sinha is her father.

From Fat to Fit – Truth about Plastic Surgery

Celebrity transformations are not that uncommon but when young gun Sonakshi Sinha lost a whopping 30 kgs she seemed to be a different person, quite literally sometimes. Her friends and close companions confessed that the star was more confident and sometimes bratty because of the success she garnered from the efforts and she never tried to hide the fact that she was fat but openly spoke about the issue.

During her fat phase she says she was about 90 kgs and was lethargic as a result of eating only junk food and the lack of a good workout. But after being coaxed into action by the indomitable Salman Khan himself Sonakshi went on a rampage to lose the pounds she put on. Being a hardcore foodie she found putting a hold on her favourite was rather tough.

The Rhino’s Horn

Sonakshi Sinha has most probably had a rhino plasty to cover-up her original big round nose but the outcome was definitely stunning. With her debut in Bollywood super hit Dabang she garnered a lot of praise for her new look and was considered to be the most authentic Indian face that Bollywood had seen in years. Her efforts since have been strong to keep the talks of surgery quiet but what makes a person in Bollywood is not just the face but what she is willing to do with that face.

This young star has come a long way and has a longer way to go, and she attributes her success to herself and we so rightfully agree.

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