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Song Hye Kyo Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures 2015

Korean films are well renowned around the world, they are known for their impressive depth of emotion and wacky humor, Song Hye Kyo is one of the more famous Korean actresses who has being recognized by the western news and film fans and her immense beauty has made her a pretty desirable celebrity in their eyes. But with everything good there are always the other sides of the coin, Song HyeKyo has been in the news also because of rumors that her beauty is the result of plastic surgery, now if that’s true or not let’s find out.

Song Hye Kyo

In the heart of the Korean people
“Autumn in my heart” has been one of the most popular movies in Korean cinema and was a breakout film for Song HyeKyo, she was not only considered among the best actors of the generation but her impressive acting skills coupled with her superb looks were the things that catapulted her to incredible fame.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

Song Hye Kyo before and after surgery
Song HyeKyo’s popularity let her to great endorsements and even made her the face of “Laneige” which is a cosmetic company and that’s where the rumors started. Some believe that Song hye had to undergo plastic surgery to be able to be a perfect candidate for the company. Many believed that she underwent procedures to smoothen and clean up like:

Eye Lid Correction
It’s no secret that eye lid correction is a famous procedure especially in Asia and its believed that this is a subtle start to Song HyeKyo procedures. She looks a lot different now with her eyelids because they don’t have the typical characteristic they used to boast of.

it’s guessed that she also had a facelift for the purpose of clearing her skin of blemishes, extra skin may be even tightening her already beautiful face.

On Close inspection of her cheeks they do look more plump than usual, this beauty does look natural but that could also be a sign of a really good doctor, this look elevates her nose and gives a very ethnically beautiful feel to it.

Lifestyle and beauty Secrets
Song HyeKyo is the face of a cosmetic company so it’s pretty obvious that she does not need a lot of makeup, while she is pretty great at applying it herself she also suggests that you should visit the ladies saloon  every fortnight.

Song HyeKyois a big fan of travelling around and of playing sports we think that it also helps her looks pretty much, she also says that consuming good amount of celery juice does wonders for her skin and with a face like that we pretty much agree, so now it’s up to you to believe if the rumors were true or is it just mischief from the media

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