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Song Ji Hyo Plastic Surgery Before and After

A well-known Korean actress, Cheong Seong Im (청성임) is better known by her stage name, Song Ji Hyo (송지효). While her appearance in multiple dramas from 2000 have built up her popularity, it was her being a regular member of the variety show Running Man from 2010 onwards that made her a household name. Just earlier this year, she was in the Tv show Ex-Girlfriend’s Society.

Her performances have been wonderful at showcasing her wide range of talents, from comedy in Running Man to her acting ability in one of 2014’s most popular TV show Emergency Couple.

Profile & Statistics

Song Ji Hyo profile detailsOriginal Name : Ji-hyo Song

Nick Name: Song Ji Hyo

Birthday Date: August 15, 1981

Ethnicity: Korean

Height : 5.6 feet / 1.68 m

Weight : 45 kg / 101 lb

Age: 34

Eye Color : Black

Body Measurements:

Education :

Parents :



Astrology Sign :


Loved by many and considered the perfect woman to be on a show such as Running Man because of her ability to take all the gags, pranks, and witty banter and return it double fold, it’s not surprising that she has a huge fan base.

Her success means that she has come under the scrutiny of the press and netizens quite often. As is the question with many other Korean stars, one of the most commonly asked question, and one that has been the most closely looked at is whether she has gone under the knife.There is silence from her agency, and no official press release regarding this matter. The very fact that Song Ji Hyo hasn’t commented on this topic ensure that the rumour wheels keep spinning.

Netizens and press alike have combed over pictures of the actress from as far back as her school days to see if the 34 year old actress has indeed gotten anything done on her face. Speculations about Song Ji Hyo getting a nose job (rhinoplasty) and jawline reduction seem to be the most often brought up points.

Nose Job

The rumours of a nose job came up when pictures of her school days were found. In these pictures, the bridge of her nose was much less defined than what it is today. As such, many questions went around as to whether or not it has been surgically changed.


Each argument has two sides, and the netizens are split into an almost equal half when it comes to the topic of Song Ji Hyo’s nose job. One side claims that she most definately got a nose job while the opposing side claims that her nose is the result of her losing weight and growing up.

Jaw Surgery

While disagreements exist about the nose job, most netizens seem to agree that she has indeed gotten some surgery done on her jawline. Her earlier pictures show that she has a much squarer jawline than the almost oval shaped jaw she has today.

As she has never said anything in response to these rumours, all information about her getting plastic surgery remains a speculation on the [art of the netizens, press and her fans.

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