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Sridevi Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sridevi is known for being one of the most versatile actors to grace the screens of Bollywood and she has been doing it for over four decades beginning as a child actor at the age of four and never has she failed to charm the audiences with her characteristic flare.

And now that Sridevi has made an epic comeback in the 2012 hit movie English Vinglish the Bollywood watchers have gone back to wonder how old the relationship is between Srideviand plastic surgery. The attention to the past surgeries is mostly dismissed by the star but to no avail but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Popular and beautiful actress SrideviBiography

Date Of Birth : August 13, 1963

Age : 50

Height : 5.6 feet

Body Measurement : 34-28-36

Spouse : Married with Boney Kapoor in 1996

The Time Jump

Sridevi has had a 15 year absence from the film industry and has comeback with a bang, but what is not spoken about is that even a small gap in time can change a person’s face dramatically, here Sridevi has come back after 15 years to be not only as beautiful as when she did her last film but also with features that make you wonder is she really 50 years old or is Wikipedia playing a trick on its readers.Today her face looks reasonably different to all those who look for the details.

How Sridevi  look Before and  after the plastic surgery

Many people consider Sridevi to be the most beautiful gift of Indian cinema but some have also found her recent appearances a little plastic surgery. Speculations are that she had undergone some cosmetic filler injection for her lips giving it the plump look it currently boasts. There are also rumours floating around that Botox has a lot to do with the nature of her youthful face. But despite most peoples surety Sridevi has denied any such procedureand has said that these rumours are genuinely unreasonable and unfounded.

The Sridevi Routine

While Sridevi has flatly denied the involvement of any surgical technique she has not mentioned anything about her efforts to keep prim and proper, but she does take an immense effort to keep herself off any excessive carbs according to close friends.  Sridevi started her Cinematic career quite young and today at 50 she still remains the peak of splendour. It makes one ponder on her secret to looking so elegant and youthful even at her age. Whatever it is we are glad she is doing it, and hope she continues to entertain us the way she has for years before.

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