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Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before and After

Let come to the most famous name in the world of plastic surgery that is now no more a subject to hit the headline of plastic surgery. He is none other than the very famous American Idol jury member Steven Tyler who is even admired as the front man of Aerosmith. He is known be famous for his hard parties that roll on for whole night along with his daughter who is admired as a very famous actress. Currently, he is standing at 60’s but even considered to be working in the industry. Howsoever, Hollywood is platform of rumors therefore Steven is also not left behind from it as the gossip related to plastic surgery is in the air.


Has He Really Gone Under Surgery?

Steve Tyler before and after surgery

Steven has clearly admitted that he has been fan of plastic surgery and even said that he has even executed few of them in the better way. Howsoever, the recent new has hit the stand with the rumor to under plastic surgery in order to provide relaxation to the face. Well, in spite of so many experiments his surgery is considered to be the awful one. And, critics has even emphasized over the deed that he has been executing.  His surgery can be clear explained if one compares the past and present image of Steven.


Comparative Analysis of Before and After

Botox – He is the only man who admitted that is the crazy about Botox treatment via the mode of regular injection injected in the cheek region. He considers it to be the best solution to smoothen the wrinkled face within a fraction of seconds. It appears that may have underwent repeated dose of Botox therefore instead of having tight skin the skin appears to be melted with folded lines appearing on the face.


Facelift – He is even known to have face-lift treatment accompanied with Botox injection to reverse the effect of ageing to wider extend. He said that repeated skin lifting has been executed near the ear region to tighten the skin. Howsoever, the surgery was not a success because of which frown lineshas appeared on the skin that are clearly visible some or the other place.


Nose Job – The man even speaks out boldly about plastic surgery executed over nose. This is the reson behind his pinched nose that appears unnatural. The nose is even possessing too smaller nostrils because of which he even resulted to danger in breathing habit.

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