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Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

Rarely in Hollywood does an actor with good looks know to actually act, that little not so secret combination is the key to becoming a star in the land of cinema. And the beautiful Tara Reid is the best example that combination can make in the line of cinema. She is well known for her role on the Big Lebowski, American pie and Saved by the Bell. But at 38 years old what’s the secret to Reid’s eternal youth.

The star has been part of TV and movies since she was just 14 years old and has dedicated much of her life to Hollywood. So how does one look like a twenty year old when that’s the amount of time you have actually been working.

Beautiful Tara ReidBiography

Date Of Birth : November 08 1975

Age : 38

Height : 5.5 feet

Body Measurement : 36-28-34

Parents : Tom and Donna Reid

The bad diet

In nutrition there is hardly ever a bad diet type but the American pie star has found the worst type we could imagine. She survives on just a single meal a day and drinks barrels of diet coke and Sparkling water saying that the bubbles fills her up. She is a fan of these horrible crash diets and for which her health is in much jeopardy.

Tara lives a party life and is far from even a shadow of a balanced diet says a source, she is painfully underweight but her weight fluctuates wildly that is because she sometimes abandons her diets for random junk food.

Addiction is the name of the song

It is a known fact that Tara is addicted to surgery for her looks, and has been at the receiving end of a botch surgery more than once. In 2004 Reid was drunk and exposed her breast in a drunken stupor exposing a bad breast augmentation attempt that goes on to haunt her till today.

How Tara Reid look Before and After the Plastic Surgery?

Tara was considered extraordinarily beautiful and was a rising star in the eyes of Hollywood that was until her party girl side was unleashed and she got wildly addicted to making herself look hotter. Following a botched surgery Tara started looking like what many consider a beautiful Hollywood grandmother because of the way her skin looked and sagged because of her new diet fad. But in 2008 after making good time at rehab she vowed to reinvent herself. And her final transformation as of 2014 sees her slim and very well-toned with excellent smooth skin and a desirable figure, though she may still have some issues to look over she is better than before and improving.

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