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Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

Aging Hollywood actors have always been the victim of the nasty talk of the tabloids and to keep off the radar of the gossip police, stars often opt to take precaution to keep their beauty intact. And Teri Hatcher is counted among them. Sometimes it’s a success but many times we are left with botched surgeries that have otherwise beautiful celebrities looking like some sad science experiment.

Teri Hatcher has been known worldwide as one of the four glamorous ‘desperate housewives’ but the question is that after turning 50 this year  will she be desperate to keep her good looks intact or opt for the ‘age gracefully’ bracket that’s being ignored a little too much these days.


Beautiful Teri HatcherBiography


Date Of Birth : December 08, 1964

Age : 49

Height : 5.6 feet

Body Measurement : 34-26-35

Parents : Esther Beshur, Owen W. Hatcher

Spouse : Teri Hatcher twice however now she is single


Hatcher Plastic Surgery Story

In the Glamour Magazine issue of 2006 year, Hatcher acknowledged having taken Botox and Collagen surgery to retain some of her youthful oomph. But Teri Hatcher said she was not quite happy with the outcome with the plastic surgery as it was not as fruitful as she had pictured, and she feels like a few wrinkles are a part of the growing old package, she mentioned that she was not 25 years old anymore and did not expect to look like that either. There is rumour that Teri Hatcher ever gone through nose job as well to look more attractive. Teri is very active on her social media front and often posts her pre makeup pictures online, and she once commented that she had sworn off Botox which looked like the truth from her pictures. However these efforts were in vain as it did not settle the rumours of her plastic surgery which was often trending on social media. When she was asked about the rumours Teri mentioned that the secret to great pictures of celebrities was not surgery but rather the right lighting.

The professional’s opinion

Professional celebrity watchers and paparazzi feel like Teri has really been under the knife and is in denial of any procedure because they feel after the procedure her face has started to become a little weird. Some feel that this is because of the use of Juvederm and hence the skin on her face has tightened to get rid of wrinkles that should be there at her age. Many doctors have also commented on the rumours and pictures of Teri Hatcher and cannot seem to agree if any surgery had been done or not, but many agree that the Botox has most likely been stopped. But if the surgery had really happened it has been performed perfectly.

Before and After Plastic Surgery

So regardless if any plastic surgery has been performed or not many still feel that Teri hatcher looks much better than most women her age, and some still feel that she should keep to the secrets that keep her young.

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