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The Truth behind Rekha Plastic Surgery

Ask any female celebrity about their real age, and it is like asking for trouble. Hence it is better to keep your mouths shut at that one. Not that it really matters, for the cosmetic world has been revolutionized by the innovative surgeries, and the telltale signs of age taking its toll on human bodies are completely wiped away.

Hence no surprises, aging Bollywood celebrities are caught up in a frenzy to regain their yesteryears charming looks. Even, the new crop of actresses who are not completely satisfied with their appearances, go for surgical methods to get the stunning looks to crack the mirror.

One such name of yesteryears actress of Bollywood is the beautiful dusky damsel Rekha, who has gone for cosmetic surgeries. Now aged some 55 years or so, Rekha’s body still has the attraction, and her face the killer looks with murder written over them.


Most beautiful bollywood actress RekhaBiography

Date Of Birth : October 10, 1954


Age : 59


Height : 5.7 feet


Body Measurement : 34-28-36


Spouse : Rekha was married to Mukesh Aggarwal however their marriage life survive only for a year.


Going Under the Knife

Rekha’s cosmetic surgery has not being a hushed affair, neither it is a much talked about gossip, for it has been generally excepted in Bollywood for the actresses, and actors as well  for that matter, to undergo cosmetic surgeries. Rekha’s evergreen beauty has been accredited to the surgeries she underwent during the course of time. Even though the cosmetic bills may be staggering, but with gorgeous look she is able to wear at this age, Rekha isn’t complaining, nor are her fans, and neither are the doctors.


The New Looks

You may be wondering what happened to the plump body features which Rekha had during her early acting career. You can see that her chubby face and fatty voluptuous body has melted down, and she has got more distinct and sharpened features. Her face looks finely sculpted by a hardened artisan, or is it the cosmetic surgeon who should be given the credit?

Not to discredit the hard training Rekha must have undergone to prim up her body. Whatever the case, Rekha with her nose job has been gifted with a face which looks beautiful as ever, and it has given her more provocative looks. It is a different issue if her friends do not actually approve of it.

Never the less, Rekha owing to her body uplifts still has strong assets to make the younger generation of heroines run for their money. Rekha has the bewitching looks, which steers straight into men’s heart, and make them fall head over heels for her.

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