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Wang Jiayun

Wang Jiayun is the current internet sensation who is even considered to be blown-up Barbie doll. Today, she has succeeded to such great height that she has turned out to be the highest searched out personality on internet across South Korea. Most of her clicks have become viral over internet especially in Chain, Hong kong and Taiwan.


Profile & Statistics

Wang JiayunOriginal Name : Wang Jiayun

Nick Name: Wang Jiayun

Birthday Date: Jun 18, 1993

Ethnicity: Chinese

Height : 5 feet 5 inch

Weight : 44 kg /97 lbs

Age:  21

Eye Color : Blue Green

Body Measurements:  34 26 35

Education :




Astrology Sign:



This live action blown-up doll was actually born in Kowloon destination of hong kong. But was groomed up and offered the best high school education from Shenzhen location of China. She is even known as Aka Wang Jiayun that is considered to be her pet name. She was born in a very supportive family who had help to build up her career as an anime girl.

Success As Anime Girl:

Wang is sure to be the most liked one by the Korean people and therefore people are going crazy for her. She is the Chinese girl who appears with a doll like face and even admired as the blow-up doll in terms of looks. As per the current survey, it has been acknowledged that she has simply rock the world of internet after she posted her doll like inflatable photos on the blog post. Just overnight, she turned out to be overnight sensational with approximately 1 million likes in single day. This highest number of traffic was drove by Korean citizen overnight. With the advent of 2011, it was found that her popularity did not reduced down and she was finally churned with approximately 3.5 million visitors.

Truth about Plastic Surgery

In spite, Wang Jiayun is known to have huge fan following in South Korea and China. She has to passed through several sort of controversies that this is not real and it’s simply fake that is caused due to use of Photoshop tricks.  These tricks have helped her to fetch the Barbie look and not any of make up or natural looks like other.

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