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Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Hollywood has seen its share of good and bad Plastic Surgeries But the curious case of Wendy Williams cannot be considered a success or flop. Wendy is a famous TV Personality who is currently hosting her own talk show and is also behind the scenes of this and quite a few other talk shows. She is one of the few African-American role models who represents the spirit of America, but one thing that has got her the recent attention of the media are her obvious plastic Surgeries.

Wendy is a woman with a lot of talent making her way through as a well-known radio jockey young in her career. Her over the air flair, flamboyance and melodrama earned her a place in her audiences heart, that’s why the rumours of her plastic surgery were no shock.


Wendy WilliamsBiography


Date Of Birth : July 18, 1964


Age : 49


Height : 5.11 feet or 1.80 m


Body Measurement : 41-30-40


Spouse : Married with Kevin Hunter in 1997



The pursuit of Fame & Fortune

It’s no secret that the beautiful Wendy Williams has had a couple of procedures but we feel like the results are a little less than satisfactory, giving her an artificial look that  does not really suite her personality. While she certainly has admitted to having Breast Augmentation done in 2009 to pump up her cup size it was not very well received by critics , paparazzi or even her fans. That’s why some feel like she is the perfect example against plastic surgery.

Running around the Rumour Mill

Wendy might have admitted to a few procedures but the rumours never stopped there, people have begun to wonder if the tattoos on her stomach are actually to hide her tummy tuck scars, because she lost a lot of weight after the birth of her son rumours state that it’s the result of some good old Liposuction.

Latest rumours also state that she also gone through and had certain cosmetic procedures on her face like a Chemical peel Botox and a nose job.

Before VS After

On close examination of her before and after pictures you begin to see some meaning to those rumours because of  how artificial her face looks today. Owing to the breast augmentation her cup size has swelled dramatically as compared to before, she also appears to have had lip surgery and the injecting of Botox among other things because her face looks plump and more like an artificial doll.

Even her nose job is as visible as daylight because she previously had a bigger bulge at the tip but following procedures it looks slimmer and refined.

Looking back to what a gorgeous woman Wendy was we feel like she hasn’t really aged well, but that has by no means dulled her popularity as seen on her TV show.

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