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Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery Before and After

Once, Winona Ryder  was on every poster, a household name. It wasn’t just her incredible acting and smart choice of roles that contributed to Winona Ryder’s popularity. The actress was, and still is, known for her quirky sense of style, her dating life, and her beauty. And today we still talking about Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery story which has been revealed more than a year back.

The 43-year-old actress has a wide repertoire of movies under belt including timeless movies such as The Heathers and Little Women. Year after year, she seems to not have changed, her complexion remaining just as fair and her skin remaining just as wrinkle-free.

Winona Ryder

Winona RyderOriginal Name : Winona Ryder

Nick Name: Winona Ryder

Birthday Date: October 29, 1971

Ethnicity: American

Height : 5.3 feet / 1.61 m

Weight : 52 kg / 115 lb

Age: 43

Eye Color : Dark Brown

Body Measurements: 36-24-35

Education : Winona Ryder get her primary education from Kenilworth Junior High School after that she join American Conservatory Theater after completing her schooling she join Petaluma High School.

Parents : Cynthia Palmer & Michael Horowitz

Boyfriend: Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

Religion: Jewish

Astrology Sign : Scorpio

She has had a busy, and beautiful life, with it’s very own ups and downs. The famous movie, Edward Scissorhands saw her acting opposite to her then boyfriend Johnny Depp and in 2001, the infamous CCTV camera’s caught her shoplifting, resulting in an acting hiatus.

Winona Ryder Plastic Surgery Truth

Her timeless beauty has invited many critics to re-examine her in attempts to find out whether or not she has succumbed to the pressure to go under the knife. People believed that the actress had undergone a nose job (rhinoplasty) at the least and others believed that she might have gotten some breast augmentation done as well. However, it is entirely possible that her nose managed to grow into her face better as she got older or that she learnt various camera tricks that make her nose appear much more thinner over the years.

Winona Ryde before and after surgery

Unlike many actresses who keep the crowds guessing about the naturality of their beauty, Winona has openly spoken about plastic surgery and her opinions on it. Each time she has been quoted saying that “When you’re around people who celebrate age and respect every line for telling a story, it’s beautiful.” Winona today shows of her wrinkles as something she is proud of and is not afraid to tell people that she never nor will get plastic surgery.

In response to the people that claims that she never ages, or that her face hasn’t changed from thirty to now, Winona says that it’s her stylists and makeup technicians that should get the credit, not her. She credits her beauty to the magic of makeup and to a good skincare routine.  Though she finds no fault in plastic surgery, Ryder says she sees no rhyme or reason for it. So amongst the multiple Hollywood stars known to undergo the knife, here’s to Winona, for being proud of her aging

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